Summer Essentials by Bagail

Summer is here and most of you are already on vacation and the others are planning for future trips and adventures. On this article I will introduce you to bagail.com which has all the products you might need for your excursion!

It’s necessary to be prepared for everything before you head out, because most of the time we think we have it all but we always forget something on the way, or we lose it at the airport, or at our destination. These two products are what you need to have everything in order.

Summer Essential No. 1: The Bagail Clear Tote Bag

This bag is the best thing you can have at the airport, since it’s clear and you will find your papers or any other thing you will need in no time, instead of searching frantically for them in front of the check-in counter.

For those of you who go on a trip to the beach but hate the sand getting in everything (just like me), this bag works for you too, since it will keep your stuff dry and clean, and most importantly, sand-free!

Moreover, this bag has removable straps so you can style it as a Tote or a Cross Body Messenger bag, depending on your liking.


Summer Essential No. 2: The Bagail Set of 4 Tote Shoe Bags

These bags may be shoe bags but they work for everything! They are breathable, reusable and multi-purpose bags, in which you can store, of course, your shoes (obviously), but also clothes, your swimsuits, your identification and traveling papers but also your make up and toiletries!

They can fit up to two sets of large shoes or one set of big hiking boots, and they exist in two sizes, Small and Large, with the Small size at 15.8 inch / 10.2 inch / 4.5 inch, and the Large at 18 inch / 10.6 inch / 4.5 inch.

Another convenient set of bags that will make your traveling experience more comfortable and stress-free.  A great option for packing cube converts!

Also, they have them in 4 colors, including light blue and fuchsia!











What better way to get ready for your summer trips than with these bags!

Until next time!

~Stella Ryuk

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