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Chocolate Strawberries recipe from JamJarGill


Gill Perkins is a Marketing Assistant by day and a Blogger on evenings and weekends, oh and now a Twin-mama-to-be! She has been blogging for 5-6 years but started shortly after her wedding 3 yrs ago to document her love of foodie food, interior design and developing their project house on a budget, cat parenting, thrifting, wanderlusting, cat parenting and now preparation for twin parenthood. Hope you enjoy this guest post recipe from her and check out her blog at for more fun filled content. You can also find her social media links below:
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Chocolate Strawberries

Description: This is a simple, healthy and cost effective pudding, which can be made in advance and is perfect for guests, hope you enjoy!

A bar and a half of chocolate
A crate of strawberries
Bain-marie (either purpose made, I found mine in an antiques shop locally, or homemade in the form of a Pyrex dish over a small saucepan of water is perfect too)
A large dinner plate covered in tin foil
A wooden spoon

1. Pour cold water into the bottom of your bain-marie or saucepan about half way and test with the top of your bain-marie or bowl over the sink placed in to check it doesn’t overflow

2. Take the top bowl back off and place on the hob and bring to the boil

3. Once at boil point, turn off the heat and place the top bowl on, this should provide plenty enough residual heat to melt your chocolate without burning


4. Break up your bars of chocolate into the top of your bain-marie and stir with a wooden spoon until fully melted

5. Dip each strawberry in turn, holding by the stalk, in your melted chocolate and place on your plate


6. Place your plate in the fridge so your chocolate can set, ideally overnight

7. Serve and enjoy!


N.B. other fruit which works well for this includes blueberries, raspberries, cherries (ideally stoned), and grapes.


Take care!

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