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Bergamo, Italy

Hey everyone! For our last day of our Italy-Switzerland trip, we saved Bergamo, a city about 40 km northeast of Milan. The town has two centers: “Città alta” (upper city), a hilltop medieval town, surrounded by 16th-century cyclopic defensive walls, and the “Città bassa” (lower city). Città Alta is an extremely expensive place to live in by the way, with properties being sold for five to twelve thousand euro per square meter. And they are truly worth the price I must say.

view of bergamo

As soon as we got to the city, we decided to start from the upper city and end in the lower city making a kind of historic tour of Bergamo.

The first thing we saw was Piazza Vecchia (the old square), the Santa Maria Maggiore church, the Colleoni Chapel and how beautiful the cobblestone road was, even though carrying our suitcases made an impact on the visitors of that day. I think eventually we could be remembered as the “suitcases girls”.

il fornaio pizza


As time went by the hungrier we got so we decided to stop at a bakery called Il Fornaio (The Baker) which had pizza with literally anything you could think of on. My friend bought a piece with salmon and cheese on it and I bought one with octopus, calamari and mussels on it. This was the first time I even though of this combination, and it really, really interesting.

house bergamo


Full and ready to explore, we made our way towards the old city walls admiring the view of the lower city, picking which house we would like to buy (as if), feeling blessed that a place like that existed.

gate bergamo

On our way to the lower city we caught a glimpse of the cable car, or funicolare as they call it in Italy.

On our way towards the city we saw magnificent buildings and a few churches that were very interesting. Bergamo seemed to be a city for everyone, those who like city life and being busy and those who like to be more relaxed and live a quiet life.

The airport is 20 minutes away with the bus so no worries about how to get there when in Bergamo.

I suggest that you all visit this little gem when traveling in northern Italy!



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