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Northern Italy Pt.3


Ciao everyone!
On our recent posts we guided you through our adventures in Italy and Switzerland, two countries of great beauty. Our travels took us to Milan, Como and Lugano but nothing was over just yet. We had two more days and lots of possibilities!
For our third day, we had a little meeting with my fellow travelers, and we decided on going to a small town called Pavia, 35 km south of Milan, which was the capital of the Kingdom of the Lombards from 572 to 774.

pavia stairs

This little town is known for its countless churches and as almost all of Italian towns, its wine.
Also, for those of you who are poetry geeks, it was the place that Greek poet Dionysios Solomos studied and started writing his first pieces, initially in Italian. Dionysios Solomos was the one that wrote the stanzas of the Greek national anthem.

As it was the day of Catholic Easter, the streets were filled with well-dressed Italians going to church and family gatherings. The things that amazed us the most was how all of these people went to local pasticcerias beforehand, to get desserts they had ordered a few days back for their family meetings.

croisan pavia
Since resisting it was very, very difficult, we also visited one of these pasticcerias of course! Specifically we visited Pasticceria Barbieri which was full of people and ordering was pretty hard but the desserts there were amazing.

pavia bridge
As we made our way through the town we stumbled upon a small red church by the name of San Primo e Feliciano which looked so serene and beautiful and we decided to sit on its front steps, relax and soak in some much needed sun. We even had an encounter with a lovely old nun who started talking to us in a mix of Spanish and Portuguese, asking us where did we come from since we were probably the only foreign people there, and wishing us a great time.
After a great time in the streets of beautiful Pavia, we made our way back to Milan and since it was our last night there, we went for a last Italian gelato, in the rain!

pavia river

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