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Northern Italy-Switzerland pt.2!


Hello everyone! On my latest post I wrote about the first day of my trip to Northern Italy and Switzerland, and specifically Milan.

After we had our fun in the Fashion Capital of Italy, we decided to spend the next day in the countryside, in order to go hiking and explore Como, a small city in Northern Lombardy, close to the Italian-Swiss borders.


Como is very well known for its lake by the same name, a quite touristic area, but of great beauty. Also, George Clooney has a villa in Laglio, close to Lake Como.

Como Stella

As soon as we started our journey we decided to visit Baradello Castle and hike to the top of the hill, which oversees the city and part of the lake. The distance was a little more than a kilometer, a little less than a mile for the Americans out there, and it was truly breathtaking (literally and figuratively).


The most preserved element of the castle is a square tower that everyone can see from the city. Almost no one was there so we had plenty of time to really appreciate the view.

Como on the other hand was really busy, probably because it was a Saturday and also a day before Catholic Easter which is big for Italians. A lot of families, a lot of tourists, and us!

Como View

We visited the great 14th century Cathedral, of Santa Maria Maggiore, and made our way through the city center, and through countless cheese shops and pasticcerias.

cheese shop como

When we finally got to the lake, we walked across the lakeside and we admired the villas on the hills, but then it was lunch time, and we went to a little pizza place among the restaurants close to the lake, had a great pizza with anchovies and mozzarella and hurried back to the car because our day wasn’t over yet.

Como city

Como was great and filled with beauty but our day wouldn’t be over until we had visited Lugano, Switzerland. Lugano is a small city in the south of Swiss borders, overseeing Lake Lugano and it is known as the “Monte Carlo of Switzerland” because it attracts mostly celebrities. As we are neither celebrities nor rich we decided to  enjoy our time humbly.


As we were leaving Como, we were terrified of what we would find at the borders, considering the situation in Europe these last few months but in our surprise there was no significant control.


We made our way through Paradiso, which was heavenly and finally got to the city center. The city was very vibrant and alive, filled with people, mostly couples with children. This was a rich, beautiful and clean city full of parks, and we decided to visit the Cathedral of San Lorenzo which is on the top of the city and had a great view of Lugano and the lake.

San Lorenzo lugano stella

As it was late and we had no intention of staying overnight in Switzerland we wandered around the city and slowly made our way back to the car. Then we made our way back to our studio in Milan, getting ready for tomorrow’s adventures!


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  1. […] The city of Lugano is north of Como, in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland and is very vibrant, filled with people, mostly couples with children. Coming across the border from Milan, the Italian influence in this part of Switzerland is very clear, and very different to the central and northern parts of the country! This is a rich city full of parks, and you should visit the Cathedral of San Lorenzo which is on the top and has a great view of Lugano and the lake. […]

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